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Project Description The existing Stadium “Loro Boriçi” Shkoder is reconstructed in order to allow Albania National team games to be played in this Stadium. The Stadium capacity is increased to 16000 seats The pitch is reconstructed totally. The main and the south tribuneare done totally new; The tribune in east and north (Existing Tribune) is reconstructed. The stadium now have 10 new toilet blocks in the existing tribune (which did not exist before), 5 in the south tribune and 15 in the main tribune. A new perimeter road is constructed (~1850m2 of asphalted road and 1970 m2 in parking place) A new tile paved square is constructed in front and in north of the Stadium in order to allow parking (9500m2) The main tribune now has (5 floors and 1 underground) with a plot plan of about 6000 m2. To this part are now located the following areas (Team rooms; Coach rooms; Referee rooms; Doctor rooms; Team entrance to the pitch; toilet blocks; Technical rooms; Service rooms; Studio TV; Commentary rooms; Administration rooms; Catering, Conference room; Mix zone; VIP areas and Main tribune etc.) The south tribune consists of 5 Modules. Each of them will have a toilet block and Catering. To the Existing tribune are located the following areas (Club offices; Fitness and Aeroby, Wrestling; Weightlifting; Boxing; Athletics; Conference Room; Kitchen; Shops; Police; Fire department; Technical rooms; Toilet. A new front façade is constructed for all the stadium. The stadium access now is with automatic ticket control (Turnstiles). The stadium is surveyed by a new CCTV system. Fire detection and fire protection systems are installed in the main tribune. Air conditioning VRF system is installed also for the main Tribune        
Project DescriptionThe works consist to a series of rehabilitation measures on an existing earth embankment dam. - Provision of a new spillway structure. The works include: a new chute, a new flip bucket, and works to stabilize the left abutment slope - Slope stabilization works at two sections of the downstream shoulder of the dam via the provision of a downstream berm and slope re-profiling   works - Provision of upstream slope protection on the upstream section of the dam shoulder. - Crest re-profiling works. - Concrete repairs to and extension of an existing reinforced concrete parapet wall. The existing wall will need to be extended with a new reinforced   concrete wall. - Repairing works to an existing hydropower siphon pipe to prevent existing leakage from occurring. - Drainage works which include new berm drains and new mitre drains.- Minor access works and safety improvements, including a new footbridge access over the new spillway Contract Value:            6,596,443 EURConstruction period:   12 monthsEmployer:                     Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration
Project DescriptionThe operations related to this contract include the following tasks: - Building Site Preparation - Intake Structure 1 on Uraka River - Headrace (from intake structure 1 to intake structure 2) - Intake Structure 2 on Meltmi torrent - In-tunnel Canal Section - Loading Tank - Penstock - River bed traverse upstream of the plant and section up to the building - Drainage - Power House Contract Value:             4,750,000 EURConstruction Period:   14 monthsEmployer:                     Prell Energy Sh.p.k 
Project Description The Works involve the construction of a new water transmission system for Prishtina which will convey raw water to and transport potable water from the Water Treatment Plant to be constructed through Component No. 2 of the Project. The Contract includes the supply, construction, installation, completion of the following Works: - Raw water intake from Iber Channel at Mihaliq; - Gravity pipeline DN1200 length approx. 9.0 km from Mihaliq to the pumping station at Millosheva; - Raw water pumping station at Millosheva; - Pressure main DN1200 length approx. 4.5 km from Millosheva to the water treatment plant Shkabaj; - Transmission pipes DN800 length approx. 3.8 km and DN800 length approx. 2.8 km to connect the water treatment plant to the existing reservoirs   Shkabaj and Arberia; - Gravity transmission main DN 500 to connect the water treatment plant with the (existing) pipeline to Obiliq, length approximately 650 m. Contract Value:            13,866,013 EURConstruction Period:   22 months Employer:                     Regional Water Company, Pristina Funds from:                  KfW
Project Description Construction works to be carried out in the sewerage system mainly consist as follows: - Installation of primary and secondary sewerage network - Installation of sewer network manholes - Installation of sewer house connections - Installation of house connection manholes - Road rehabilitation for with asphalt reinstatement - Water Supply Facilities Contract Value:            2,998,856 EURConstruction Period:   18 monthsEmployer:                     STRABAG AG / General Directorate Water Supply and SewerageFunds:                           Soft Loan OEKB  
Project Description The water supply network rehabilitation and extension will include the installation of water meters, replacement, new construction of transmission mains and distribution as well as rehabilitation and new construction of water reservoirs. In addition operation equipment for identification and repair of leakages will be supplied. Obligatory works include the installation of 7,886 water meters along the whole project area, and the installation of approximately 3,568 water meter boxes and 894 water meter chambers. Rehabilitation and extension of the water supply network will also include the laying of 7,300 m of DCI pipes, 50.7 km HDPE distribution pipes, installation of bulk water meters, valves, hydrants and house connections. A new reservoir will be constructed at Maloku Hill with a total volume of 3000 m3. The Hoxhaj Reservoir will be rehabilitated, with the entire piping, operation chambers, ventilation, the operation room and the access to the chambers to be changed. The existing reservoir at Maloku Hill will also be rehabilitated, with the entire piping, operation chambers, ventilation, the operation room and the access to the chambers to be changed. Rehabilitation of the existing pipelines will be conducted, all houses and corresponding customers will be connected via official connections and metered, while leakages and illegal connections will be identified and fixed.  Contract Value:            9,394,376 EUR
Construction Period:   18 monthsEmployer:                     Ndermarja Ujesjelles Kanalizime Kamez
Funds from:                  KfW  
Project Description  Scope of the Project is to provide the entire replacement of the existing network designed according to high standard using top quality materials and installation techniques. The rehabilitation will include all the necessary structures and equipment for a final product which provides, much better service, many new costumers, less losses. The program includes the following implementation measures: - Partial Replacement of Transmission Main from Hos Spring - New Connection of Valare to the Water Supply - Installation of 5000 Water Metters - Replacement of Water Supply Network in New City of Gjirokastra - Rehabilitation of Reservoir Kala 2  Contract Value:               4,491,280 EURConstruction Period:   18 monthsEmployer:                     Sh.A. Ujesjelles kanalizime GjirokasterFunds from:                  KfW   
Project Description:
The project contains the supply and delivery of material for the installation of about 30.0 km of distribution network from OD 90 to OD 315 for the rehabilitation of the water supply network of Saranda, installation of about 1500 House Connections including domestic water meters. As well included in the scope of works are a new concrete reservoir of 1000 m3 in Lekursi and the rehabilitation of the Saranda 1 Reservoir (1000m3). Furthermore the construction of about 1.50 km new sewer pipes in HDPE (from OD 315 - OD 600) and the construction of a new administration building for UK Saranda.  Contract Value:            6,624,899 EUR
Construction Period:   18 monthsEmployer:                     Sh.A Ujesjelles Kanalizime SarandeFunds from:                  KfW
Project Description Provide the entire replacement of the existing network designed according to high standard using top quality materials and installation techniques. The rehabilitation will include all the necessary structures and equipment  for a final product which provides, much better service, many new costumers, less losses. Water Supply Network in Lezhe includes the following implementation measures: - Well 1 (New); Well 2 (Rehabilitation);Well 3 (Rehabilitation) - Terminal Reservoir 1; Terminal Reservoir 2 - BPS Lezha HL (high level), attached to Terminal Reservoir 1 - Water network Lezha and Balldren New Balldren Reservoir & compact unit - Balldren HL (high level) - New Balldren Booster Pump Station - Operational Equipment - Water meters - SCADA system Contract Value:       9,819,501 EURConstruction Period:   24 monthsEmployer:                     Sh.A Ujesjelles Kanalizime LezheFunds from:                  KfW
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