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Reconstruction of "Loro Borici" football Stadium in Shkodra
Project Description

The existing Stadium “Loro Boriçi” Shkoder is reconstructed in order to allow Albania National team games to be played in this Stadium.

The Stadium capacity is increased to 16000 seats

The pitch is reconstructed totally.

The main and the south tribuneare done totally new; The tribune in east and north (Existing Tribune) is reconstructed.

The stadium now have 10 new toilet blocks in the existing tribune (which did not exist before), 5 in the south tribune and 15 in the main tribune.

A new perimeter road is constructed (~1850m2 of asphalted road and 1970 m2 in parking place)

A new tile paved square is constructed in front and in north of the Stadium in order to allow parking (9500m2)

The main tribune now has (5 floors and 1 underground) with a plot plan of about 6000 m2.

To this part are now located the following areas (Team rooms; Coach rooms; Referee rooms; Doctor rooms; Team entrance to the pitch; toilet blocks; Technical rooms; Service rooms; Studio TV; Commentary rooms; Administration rooms; Catering, Conference room; Mix zone; VIP areas and Main tribune etc.)

The south tribune consists of 5 Modules. Each of them will have a toilet block and Catering.

To the Existing tribune are located the following areas (Club offices; Fitness and Aeroby, Wrestling; Weightlifting; Boxing; Athletics; Conference Room; Kitchen; Shops; Police; Fire department; Technical rooms; Toilet.

A new front façade is constructed for all the stadium.

The stadium access now is with automatic ticket control (Turnstiles).

The stadium is surveyed by a new CCTV system.

Fire detection and fire protection systems are installed in the main tribune.

Air conditioning VRF system is installed also for the main Tribune