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Rehabilitation of 11 Dams located in Kukes, Fier, Berat, Korce and Murrize - Thane

Project Description

The works consist to a series of rehabilitation measures on an existing earth embankment dam.
- Provision of a new spillway structure. The works include: a new chute, a new flip bucket, and works to stabilize the left abutment slope
- Slope stabilization works at two sections of the downstream shoulder of the dam via the provision of a downstream berm and slope re-profiling
- Provision of upstream slope protection on the upstream section of the dam shoulder.
- Crest re-profiling works.
- Concrete repairs to and extension of an existing reinforced concrete parapet wall. The existing wall will need to be extended with a new reinforced
  concrete wall.
- Repairing works to an existing hydropower siphon pipe to prevent existing leakage from occurring.
- Drainage works which include new berm drains and new mitre drains.
- Minor access works and safety improvements, including a new footbridge access over the new spillway
Contract Value:            6,596,443 EUR
Construction period:   12 months
Employer:                     Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Water Administration