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Rehabilitation of Water Supply system in Pristina - Water Transmission pipeline
Project Description

The Works involve the construction of a new water transmission system for Prishtina which will convey raw water to and transport potable water from the Water Treatment Plant to be constructed through Component No. 2 of the Project. The Contract includes the supply, construction, installation, completion of the following Works:

- Raw water intake from Iber Channel at Mihaliq;
- Gravity pipeline DN1200 length approx. 9.0 km from Mihaliq to the pumping station at Millosheva;
- Raw water pumping station at Millosheva;
- Pressure main DN1200 length approx. 4.5 km from Millosheva to the water treatment plant Shkabaj;
- Transmission pipes DN800 length approx. 3.8 km and DN800 length approx. 2.8 km to connect the water treatment plant to the existing reservoirs
  Shkabaj and Arberia;
- Gravity transmission main DN 500 to connect the water treatment plant with the (existing) pipeline to Obiliq, length approximately 650 m.
Contract Value:            13,866,013 EUR
Construction Period:   22 months 
Employer:                     Regional Water Company, Pristina
Funds from:                  KfW