Support for the Albania National Airspace Modernization Program (NAMP), Rinas, Albania This Project includes the construction of: 45m mast for UHV and VHF antenna installation. Shelter for the rack equipment installation. Cabling for connection between shelter and ACC building of NATA Location:          Rinas,Tirane Value:    248,990 $ Start of Construction works:  July 2011Completion of construction:     October 2011 Investor:            Lockheed Martin Global Incorporated (LMGI)
New fuel depot in Rinas, area 5000 m2.  The location is in the Air side of the Tirana International Airport.The are are installed 2x100m3, 4x80m3, 1x50m3 and 1x30m3 fuel tanks for the airplanes.There are constructed also offices and parking areas for the trucks.Location:         Rinas,Tirane Value:          958,737.09 Euro Start of Construction works: April 2010Completion of construction: November 2010 Investor: Air BP Albania sh.a