Our company “Trema engineering 2”, Albania, which was created since 22 of October 2001, registration no. 26524 at Tirana Court, has been on the leading edge in providing comprehensive construction services (in accordance with the national or international regulations) including Design, Construction Management, General Contractor and competitive bids for a wide range of designing in both architectural, structural and construction  projects.

With a separate design-build division, an estimated staff of professional architects, civil engineers, electricians, hydraulics and operators; with software packages such as: SAP 2000, CDS, TEKLA Structures 12.0, ARCHICAD, 3D STUDIO MAX, PHOTOSHOP and AUTOCAD (that enables our engineers and architect to calculate, design, simulate and compare rapidly a wide range of solutions); also with recent features (computers, plotters and printers etc.) our company has earned the reputation for providing the most complete and accurate construction services in the Albanian construction industry today.

Our annual turnover for the last five years is respectively:

Year 2011 - EUR   8,369,363 

Year 2012 - EUR   7,481,014

Year 2013 - EUR 11,172,270

Year 2014 - EUR 24,192,640

Year 2015 - EUR 49,266,078

 From the list of our main works during these years we can mention:

  • Construction of New passenger Terminal, Mother Teresa Airport, Albania, including corporation on the architectural, structural and infrastructure facilities design, installation of equipment etc, design and build turnkey contract;
  • Construction of New Cargo, Mother Teresa Airport, design and built turnkey contract;
  • Construction of Circulatory Roads, Parking Area, Mother Teresa Airport
  • Construction of commercial and residential 2-15 floor building, Sheshi “Karl Topia”, with a total construction area of 29,000 m2 including residential, commercial center and parking area;
  • Construction of commercial and residential 12 floor building, Urani Pano Street, total construction area 20,000 m2 and parking area;
  • Construction of Serious Crimes Court building, invested from European Community;
  • Construction of several residential and commercial buildings, bridges roads etc. in Albania and Kosovo;
  • Construction of  substations, over head lines and power distribution network;
  • Architectural and structural designs of several residential edifices, pedestrian overpasses (steel structure).
  • Construction of road Zerqan, Ura Qytetit Dibra Region and Meto Asim – Kafaraj Fier Region
  • Construction Of Water Supply system in Bilisht & Bitincke, Korca Region
  • Construction of the new pre-trial detention centre in Fier, Albania Lot 1 and Construction of new prison in Fier, Lot 2
  • Construction of Access Roads and Bridges in Moglica, Devoll HPP
  • Construction of Hydro Power Plant Langarica (including tunnel)
  • Civil Works for Fishing Port, Durres
  • Rehabilitation of 11 dams in Albania

On June 2007 we were certified for ISO 9001: 2000 and up to date we are using the Quality Management System Procedures of ISO 9001:2008. On 2014 we were certified on ISO 14001:2004; ISO 18001:2007; ISO 27001:2013; ISO 39001:2012; PASS 99:2012 and on 2016 we were certified for ISO 50001:2011.

Started from April 2008, STRABAG SE, a company incorporated and organized in accordance with the laws of Republic of Austria, with the registered seat at Austria, Villach, Triglavstraße 9, registered with Landesgericht Klagenfurt, under the registration number FN 88983 h, web site: www.strabag.com , bought 51% of the share capital of Trema engineering2. Today the company has two shareholders: Strabag with 51% of shares and Mr. Ilir Trebicka 49% of shares. The structure of the company is adapted regarding the European standards taking in consideration the Strabag’s strategy of using dual management model of one person in charge of technical and one in charge of commercial matters which can be found in all the management levels.

Our company has the experience in working with FIDIC contract types.

Our big investment is in respect that we show to all partners who have worked with us.