Name of Project:       Construction of Sewerage Network in Korca City Contract Value:         EURO 1,147,790 Description:               Construction of main and secondary network in the city Name of Client:         BeB Company
Name of Project:       Construction of Waste water treatment Plant and Sewerage network in Rinas Contract Value:         EURO 310,000 Description:               Design and Construction of all Civil and Construction Works for Waste Water Treatment Plant, “Nene Tereza” Airport. Name of Client:         Tirana International Airport
Project Name:  Construction of Water Supply System in Bilisht, AlbaniaProject DescriptionThe new system will utilize the existing spring that will be augmented for supply in summer by two additional wells to be developed close to two existing wells east of Bilisht. The existing system of Bitincka will be decommissioned and one common water supply system for Bilishit and Bitincka will be established. Bilisht Well Field :    Construction of 2 new wells;Transmission Main: 12300 ml  pipes (d 150/200 mm) Main Distribution Feeder Lines:  5250 ml Special Structures:   River crossing, drains  and vents Booster Pumping Station Bilisht Reservoir 400 m3 Rehabilitation  Bilisht 2 Reservoir 400 m3 Rehabilitation  Bilisht 3 Reservoir 100 m3 Distribution Network:  37,200 ml (D 80 – 200mm) House connections:    1,500 pcs Communication System Administration Building,  SCADA System Contract Value:    4,159,994.07 €Construction period:   January 2012 - October 2013, Issued the taking over certificate on December 2013 Employer:      Ministry of Public Works and Transport, General Directorate of Water Supply and Sanitation Contractor:    Duktus Tiroler Rohrsysteme GmbH Subcontractor:   Trema Engineering 2 Sh.p.k.
Project name: Construction of Bilisht Waste Water System, Phase II Project Description:
-Installation of main sewer network pipelines DN150-DN500 ~20km
-Installation of main network manholes DN600,800,1000 ~488 pieces
-Installation of sewer house connections with DN150 pipes and DN600 collection manholes for Lot-1
-Road rehabilitation with asphalt reinstatement;
-Water Supply facilities Location: Bilisht, Korçe
Contract Value: 2,988,856€
Start of Construction works: April 2015
Completion of construction: September 2016
Employer: General Directorate of Water Supply and Sewage, OeKB Soft Loan