Construction of Access Roads Moglice East - Devoll
Hydro PowerSection 2 - Upgrade of Public Road M02 (Lot 3)
The Gramsh to Moglicë public road will form part of the main supply
line for the upper Devoll valley and will be subject to frequent heavy
construction traffi c and will also be the route along which the large
project components will be transported.
The main public road upgrading between chainages: Km 25+274 to
Km 37+367.
Upgrade of bridges M02-01, M02-02, M02-05 and M02-06. New
bridges: M02-03 and M02-04
Section 3B - Access roads for Moglicë
The upgrade of Moglicë access roads include the widening of the
existing road and the opening of new roads to reach the design and
will comprise the following main elements.
Location Moglice, Gramsh
Contract Value section 2: 5,288,525.14 €
Contract Value section 3B: 2,443,404.53 €
Start of Construction works: August 2013
Completion of construction: September 2015
Employer: Devoll Hydropower Sh.a
Rehabilitation of Torovica’s Embankment, Lezhe, Albania This construction includes: Excavation, filling & compaction for embankment height increment & improvements. Cleaning & opening of lateral channels for water draining. Revetment of one side of the embankment. Preparation of road layers & asphalt, installation of New Jersey barriers & guard rail. Grass planted in one side of the embankment  Start of Construction works:  July 2011Completion of construction:   November 2011 ContractValue:                     123,139,271.99 ALL Status:                                    Handed Over Financed by:      Albanian Development Fund
Reconstruction of road Meto Asim - Kafaraj, Fier This work includes reconstruction of the existing road. Main activities are: excavation for widening, slopes, ditches and structures, sub base, base crushed stone, drains, guard rail, stone retaining walls, and asphalt and binder  Start of Construction works:  April  2011Completion of construction:  April  2012 Contract Value:               233,075,411 ALLStatus:                                   Handed over Financed by: Albanian Development Fund
 Reconstruction of road from Ura e Qytetit  - Zerqan, Dibra Region This construction includes: Reconstruction of the existing 6.4 km road. Main activities are: excavation or widening, slope, ditches and structure, subbase, base both crushed stone, drain, guardrail, stone retaining walls, asphalt and binder. Location:      Zerqan, Dibra Value:            730,500 EURO Start of Construction works:  March 2010Completion of construction:  November 2011 Financed by:    Albanian Development Fund
 Construction of Underpasses and Overpasses for Kosovo motorway  Value:                                 600,260 EuroStart of Construction works:  2010Completion of construction:  May 2011Financed by:                       Bechtel - Enka
 Rehabilitation of Mine Tailing Facility in Rreshen, Albania    This construction includes: 25500 m2 of surface covered with clay for incapsulation 8800 m3 earthworks for dam height increment 250 ml opened channels and cascade for surface waters 7500 m3 of drainage backfill for dam face and berms formation 1500 m3 Rip-rap for erosion protection and 30.000 m2 grass planted   Start of Construction works:  July 2010 Completion of construction:   September 2010 Contract Value:    222,820 USD Status:                  Completed on 2010    Financed by:       UNDP
Extension of Apron at "Mother Teresa Airport" includes approximately 2,100 m2 of Apron pavement, extension of airfield lighting and all installation and connection works. Contract Value: 2,769,508 EURFinanced by:      Tirana International Airport Construction period:  March 2009-August 2009 
Repairing 2 bridges located in North Albania Financed by KFOR, Kosovo Value: 239,215 EuroConstruction period: 2004-2005 
Repair and improvement Route Mont Golesh in KosovoFinanced by KFOR, KosovoValue: 38,828 EuroConstruction period: 2004-2005  
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