Name of Project: Reconstruction 3 floor High Inspectorate on Declaration and Control of Properties building & construction of 6 floor building , Tirane
Name of Client: I.L.D.K.P 
Amount: 72, 949 956  ALL 
Size of Project: Construction of 6 floor building & reconstruction of 3 floor High Inspectorate on Declaration and Control of Properties existing building. Including electrical &  mechanical  installation in both buildings.
Completion: June 2004 – May 2005     
Name of Project: Construction of Pre Trial Detention Center in VloraName of Client: European Union Delegation in Albania, Ministry of JusticeAmount: 3,292,088 EURO, Contract type: FIDIC Red BookSize of Project: This Project includes construction of 9 blocks for detentions Completion: August 2006 - October 2007
Name of Project:  Construction of Serious Crimes Court building. The court building consists of a basement and 4 aboveground floors. Name of Client:European Union Delegation in Albania, Ministry of Justice Amount:               4,470,000 EUR,  Contract type was  FIDIC Red book Size of Project:    The net floor area of the Serious Crimes Court is 7.925 m2 in total, of which  1.047 m2 are used for underground parking   Completion:March 2007 - July 2009
Name of Projec:         Reconstruction of Formal Military Typography building, electronic passports and ID cards Name of Client:           ALEAT Safran Group Amount:                     1,424,000 EUROSize of Project:      This Project includes reconstruction of ex military building, and adapting it for the printing of ID Cards and electronic passportsCompletion:               September 2008 – May 2009    
 The construction consists of New Tirana Headquarters building of VFAL has 3 floors above ground and one basement.The net floor area is 3553 m2 of which 867m2 are used for the basement parking area. All the floors are used as office areas. Construction area:   3.600 m2Value:              2.520.000 EuroCompletion of construction:  Completed 2010 Investor:        Vodafone Albania sh.a 
Name of Project: Lot 1: Construction of Pre Trial Detention Center in Fier Lot 2: Construction of New Prison in Fier Name of Client:European Union Delegation in Albania, Ministry of Justice Amount: Lot 1: 4,630,248.33 EURO;  Lot 2: 9,654,672.87 EUROSize of Project: This Project includes construction of a total construction area of 30,350 m2,  composed of 1 new prison; 3 detention buildings; administration building; technical building, workshop and incoming building. Completion: February 2011 – December 2014